Microresidence Network

Youkobo Art Space Tokyo, Japan

Period of activity
Open year-round
Duration of residency
1-6 months -longer periods available with prior consultation
Date for applying
Twice a year. The two annual application deadlines are: June 30 (results announced in August) and December 31 (results announced in February).
Disciplines and media
There are no preconditions for acceptance in terms of field of artistic activity, age, nationality, etc., though there are limitations to our physical facilities.
Type of organisation
Independent Association/Foundation
Number of artists resident at one time
Brief description of residency program
Youkobo Art Space manages an Artist-In-Residence Program (AIR) providing accommodation and studio space to artists for a set period of time, and a non-profit studio and gallery for creating and the presentation of new work by Tokyo-based artists, while also promoting community engagement through art and culture. As a 'studio ('kobo') for 'you' ('you' in Youkobo meaning 'play' in Japanese), Youkobo aims to create a space which gives many people the opportunity to experience art and culture on a more familiar level by supporting the autonomous activities of artists. To date, 340 overseas artists from 50 countries have been welcomed to Youkobo, and exhibitions of over 250 Japan-based artists have been held in what has become a place for rich cultural exchange. (As of March, 2020)
Latitude and Longitude

Annual Report is available on line.

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