Microresidence Network

Visiting Microresidences in Finland, Summer 2016

Tatsuhiko Murata
A founder of Microresidence Network

Kulttuuri Kaupila Art Center, Ii, Finland
This year 2016, celebrated 10th anniversary of its AIR program in Ii, located northern Scandinavian forest of Finland.
We are honor and happy to celebrate the 10th anniversary there on Saturday 27 August 2016. Very happy to visit again Kultttuuri Kaupila first time after 10 years since 2006, Very honor to meet Mr. Ari Alatossava, the mayor of Ii, Ms Merja Brinon, director of the Art Center, Mrs Leena Vuotovesi, former director and the president of ResArtis, and Ms Masami Aihara, the 10th anniversary guest artist from Japan and was the first guest artist in 2006. Happy to celebrate together with the great three local artists too, Antti Ylonen, Sanna Koiviston and Helena Kaikkonen as original founders of the art center and now such a nice program to become, congratulation! After the ceremony, visit the Art Park next of the art center, through the riverside of River Ii. The riverside area become art park under continuous art event, the AIB, Air Ii Biennale, of Northern Environmental and Sculpture Art produced by the Art Center since 2008, such a beautiful and big art park now, congratulation and good luck forever! Looking forward to Merja as new director’s work, let’s keep in touch.

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Art Break, Ii, Finland
An artist run AIR Program in the forest of Ii, founded by Antti Ylonen and Kaisa Keratar as co directors since 2006, same time of Kulttuuri Kaupila Art Center. Antti also co founder of Microresidence Network since 2012 in Tokyo Forum. Art Break welcome artist who carries out own autonomous creative activity, but should be ask Antti schedule first because studio is share with him. Nice creative studio with comfortable traditional Sauna will be great to stay in the forest any season, bright short summer, mushroom picking autumn, dark but white winter with aurora and spring again.

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Hiukkavaara artist’s studios, Oulu, Finland
Helena Kaikkonen, Antti Ylonen and Kaisa Keratar arranged us not only studio visit and talk together with residency opportunities for artists and happy to made an Origami workshop of Microresidence there. One of the artist in the studio will start microresidence in Helsinki soon, welcome our network!
Hiukkavaara as the former garrison is now one of the biggest centres of creative activity in Finland, and is set to become the heart of a new residential area of city of Oulu. The majority of the more than thirty visual artists who currently work in Hiukkavaara have their affordable studios, the peaceful environment and the community spirit, testified by projects such as the Hiukkavaara Piknik festival and the K2 Unplugged studio exhibition arranged annually for several years now. Numerous events open to the general public have helped downtown and nearby residents discover the unique community.

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Origami workshop in Helsinki
Our old residency artists to Youkobo who are now based in the capital of Finland, Jaakko Mattila, residency in 2010, 2015, with Anni Kinunen,2015 and Kea with Tuomas Laitinen 2011 and other new Finnish friends Virpi Valtaoja and Esko arranged us a diner party at Restaurant Kosmos, a Michelin Guided one in Kalevantatu, Helsinki.
And happy to made an Origami workshop of Microresidence Network and they enjoyed workshop and will inform us their own new experiences of Microresidence of the world in the future.

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