Microresidence Network

Studio Kura Fukuoka, Japan

Period of activity
Open year-round
Duration of residency
1-3 months
Date for applying
Open year-round (please see our available slot : https://studiokura.info/en/#slots )
Disciplines and media
There are no preconditions for acceptance in terms of field of artistic activity, nationality, etc except age (over the age of 20)., though there are limitations to our physical facilities.
Type of organisation
Artist-run, Independent Association
Number of artists resident at one time
up to 11
Brief description of residency program
Studio Kura opened in 2008 as an artistic institution running two different programs: artist in residence as well as art teaching for children and adults.

We provides residential facilities and bicycles during their staying period. Accommodation consists on three traditional Japanese rural houses, each house can be shared by up to three- four artists.
Each artist is provided a private single room. Common room, bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities are shared with other residence artists and there is internet WiFi connection in each house.

Located in the beautiful rural environment of Itoshima peninsula in Fukuoka on the northern shore of the island of Kyushu in Japan, Studio Kura’s Artist in Residence Program is an opportunity for domestic and international artists to experience and draw inspiration from the rural environment, as well as for Studio Kura’s thriving local community to meet different artists and their works. During the residency, an artist is participated in meetings and required to present an exhibition with giving an artist talk as the result of his/her activity in the end of his/her stay with other participating artists.
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