Microresidence Network

Brief report_ Microresidence Forum 2016 Tebento-Terakoya meeting in Yerevan, Armenia

Main Venue: Acoss, Yerevan

17, 18 June :
Meeting and visiting art scene in the city.
Meeting Venue: Times.am online daily newspaper office on Nalbandian Street, Yerevan.
Theme on meeting: “microresidence: trans-local art platform” – the diverse ecology of microreisidencies

19 June:
Excursion: a guided tour to Geghard and Garni, suburbs of Yerevan

The meeting was Microresidence Network Meeting, Tebento-Terakoya style, by basic understanding of voluntary participation, working without pay, autonomous activity and face-to-face meeting. So the logistic support by the organizer will be expected but just simple.

We together with Mkrtich who is a co founder of the Microresidence Network since 2012 hold a forum and meeting in Yerevan, Armenia in 2016 June as a fifth anniversary of our Network. It was a small scale meeting like Terakoya because of Tebento style which we should manage budget ourselves but happy to meet and talk face to face each other not only Armenian friends. And we did common recognition each other to develop and activate the network. Our network published a new fryer that took a recognized device of the network in Origami taste in this opportunity.

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Participants of the meeting:

・Hrachya Vardanyan, ACOSS artist, head of Gymri branch of ACOSS residency, also drive and guide us to Geghard and Garni which arranged Mkrtich as the excursion 

・Vahagn Hamalbashyan, ACOSS artist in the first day meeting, who have a baby soon!

・Samyel Saghatelian, architect, the initiator of Shushi & Tandzatap creative residencies which will start soon in Armenia which was a presentation in the second day meeting.

・Tereze Davtyan, staff of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Culture Assets, assistant of Sunchild Eco Tours residency program near the world heritage of Urtsadzor, Ararat.

・Ofelya Sugiasyan, as interpreter of ACOSS team

・Rashelle Viader Knowles, artist of Canada/UK, Associate Head, School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK

・Mkrtich Tonoyan, Director, ACOSS artists residency program, Co Founder, Microresidence Network

・Hiroko Murata, Director, Youkbo Art Space, Tokyo

・Tatsuhiko Murata, Co-Director, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, Founder, Microresidence Network, Honorary Board, Res Artis

Memo of the two days Meeting and visiting 16, 17 June


1)  The state of Microresidence Network by Tatsuhiko Murata with Mkrtich and Hiroko
Miroresidence Network- A Meshwork of Artist in Residence Spanning the Globe, a new flyer for PR
Terakoya meeting, Tebento spirits and Origami Workshop

2)  Network of Domestic Spaces NoDS by Rashelle Viader
-A related info of similar activities in Canada, http://www.nodsproject.com/

3)  AIR program and AIRBNB system from ACOSS point of view by Mkrtich Tonoyan

4)  Y-AIR program as Youkobo activitie by Tatsuhiko Murata
AIR as opportunities for young artists through collaboration between AIRs and Art Colleges
Case Examples of Y-AIR in Japan Vol.1 a report booklet of Microresidence! 2015.

5)  New concept of AIR program, Open Art by Art, Business and Technology by Samyel Saghatelian
Case studies and experiences, such as prison residence experimental program creative residency program in Shushi and Tandzatap, Armenia.

6)  Residency programs in the naturel park by Tereze Davtyan.

The meeting were always talking face to face and fee discussion each other.
Will start some new relationship in this great opportunity, thank you very much all of nice Armenian people in this time. And special thanks for Mkrtich who had done this meeting.

The last day on 18 June, the Excursion to the World Heritages near Yerevan, special guide by Mkrtich and Harachya, visiting the Geghard, Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley and the Garni, The Temple of Garni.