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Mary Sky Artist Residency Hancock, Vermont, USA

Period of activity
June through October
Duration of residency
10 Days (Arrive Day One, Depart Day Ten)
Date for applying
Applications Due May 1st
Disciplines and media
Visual Art, Digital Art, Conceptual Art, Sculpture, Movement, Creative Writing, Theatre, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Performing Arts, Textile Art, Music, Literature, New Media, Animation, Printmaking, Curatorial, Filmmaking, Architecture, Multidisciplinary
Type of organisation
Arts Administration Company
Number of artists resident at one time
Brief description of residency program
Overview: The Mary Sky Artist Residency is a haven for artists looking to bring a serious attitude and productive mindset to meaningful work. Hosted in a tiny cabin on 25 acres of woodland hillside overlooking the White River, we invite artists to discover the time to work, interact with nature, and get quiet. Imagination and drive are the key ingredients.

Applications Process: Applications accepted January through May. Artists receive a living stipend and materials allowance. Emerging and digital artists encouraged to apply.

Philosophy: To challenge oneself in life is a path to challenging oneself in work.

The location is peaceful and isolated, adjacent to National Forest lands. If you are uncomfortable in a camping setting, this residency is not a good fit.

Please contact us with any questions.
Latitude and Longitude

Cabin Exterior Clothesline Kitchen Living Area Loft Bed Wood Bucket Workspace Cow by Jon Boynton, 2015 resident Still from WIP by Keren Moscovitch, 2017 Clot and Swell by Ellie Dent, 2016