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Córtex Frontal – artist residency Arraiolos, Portugal

Period of activity
Duration of residency
3 weeks - 3 months
Disciplines and media
Writing / Photography / Painting / Drawing / Illustration / Printmaking / Music / Performative arts / Cinema / Video / Textile / Educational programmes
Type of organisation
Cultural non profit association
Number of artists resident at one time
Brief description of residency program
Córtex Frontal is an AIR (Artist-In-Residence) programme hosted by Cortexrcult-Associação Cultural, a non profit organisation located in the peaceful town of Arraiolos, in Alentejo region, Portugal.
Arraiolos is a small, white and blue Alentejan town. It is situated 120 km far from Lisbon, surrounded by plains, oak and olive tree forest.
It´s famous for its circular castle, embroidered wool rugs and carpets. Arraiolos rugs have been made since the Middle Ages.

The programme aims to bring together artists from different countries and disciplines for a concentrated period of 3 weeks to 3 months.

We welcome professional artists, writers, researchers, workgroups and art students in search of time and space to reflect, discuss and create.

Our mission is to promote and develop cultural projects, establishing a lively dialogue between artists from various disciplines and the local community.
Projects with relevance to the Portuguese context and the local community will be specially appreciated.

This is a self directed residency where artists work in a self oriented and independent way. However, if needed, organisators and support committee members will help to give a direction/timing to projects, technical support and feedback.

At the end of the residency we can organise open studios, lecture, workshop open to other artists and the local community.

Artists accommodation and house studios are located in the center of the town, in a XVIII century manor house.
The area for residency has:
6 rooms
1 kitchen
4 bathrooms
Studios and work spaces
Garden and courtyard
There is also a printmaking studio, kiln and dance studio available on demand.

Single artists will be accomodated in private rooms with a private or shared bathroom according to availability.
Couple of artists will be accomodated in a double room with a private or shared bathroom.
Working groups can reserve the whole house for them if noticed in advance. The house can host up to 15 people in shared rooms.
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