Microresidence Network

Canopée Residence Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Period of activity
From july to september
Duration of residency
1-2 months
Date for applying
Disciplines and media
There are no preconditions for acceptance in terms of field of artistic activity, age, nationality, etc., though there are limitations to our physical facilities.
Type of organisation
Independant association
Number of artists resident at one time
Brief description of residency program
The artist-in-residence is not restricted to a specific focus or subject. The programme supports an open process and does not require a presentation of a result or a product.

The aim of the programme is to:

- Develop a space for creative people to exchange ideas
- Enhance perspectives by living and working in an informal and intercultural setting
- Support the creation of new work both locally and internationally
- Create synergies for future collaboration

The artist-in-residence will be hosted at 'Canopée Residence’, a private community house in Luxembourg-City. Due to the collaborative and community nature of the residence, a dynamic interaction is encouraged between the other residents, local artists and audiences. Social interaction, inspiration and peer-to-peer learning could be enhanced by organising work-in-progress activities.
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