Microresidence Network

Artist Residency and the Pandemic Research Survey participation request



Dear Artist Residence Directors,

We hope this email finds you well and that you and your loved ones have been safe during this difficult time.

There have been a number of surveys conducted on the effects of the pandemic. Res Artis, a global network of which Youkobo is a part, had also conducted a survey back in May, and have published their findings online. Perhaps it has already been brought to your attention, but in case it hasn’t, here is the link to view their report: https://resartis.org/covid-19-updates/covid-19-survey/

Art residencies, which often require artists to move and transport themselves to participate, have been facing unprecedented challenges during this time. We believe that artists play a crucial role in engaging with and communicating a diversity of realities through their practice in which they often cross geographical and political borders. This pandemic has revealed as well as exacerbated existing social problems, and as the world faces the realities of progressing climate change and inequality, we expect new movements between art and society to form, which foster participation and contribution to a better future.

This survey aims to uncover the impact of the pandemic in the arts sector, problems faced by those involved in art residencies, whether as organizers or participants, and look for hints that might direct us towards possible solutions. Ultimately we hope to infer new understandings and approaches to art making and renovate the ecosystems of the arts and culture sector to be more inclusive, socially conscious, and sustainable.

Below is the overview of this research and the links to the surveys.
We appreciate your time and consideration, thank you in advance.

Best wishes,
Microresidence Network, AIR & Pandemic Research Lab and
Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo


We are asking our friends and collaborators from this network.
The findings from the survey will be disclosed to the public.
We appreciate it if you could contribute your time and insight by participating in the survey.

・Participants for this survey:
Art residence administrators, not only Microreisdence but olso the other type of the program.
Google form survey (estimated time 20 minutes)
・The Google Forms for the survey:
・Survey participation deadline:
Sunday, December 27th, 2020

The responses will be processed and published on the websites below:
Microresidence Network: https://microresidence.net/
Youkobo Art Space: https://www.youkobo.co.jp/en/

Identities of respondents will not be disclosed.
We may also request additional interviews (held online) with certain respondents as needed and appreciate if you could lend us a bit of your time if that would be possible.

The survey and report will be executed by the Microresidence Network, AIR & Pandemic Research Lab. and Youkobo Art Space.
If you have any questions, please contact us here:

Thank you in advance for your attention and participation.

Microresidence Network,
AIR & Pandemic Research Lab and
Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo