Microresidence Network


What is a Microresidence?

Artist in Residencies (AIR) can be found in various forms and sizes throughout the world.

Among them there exist small-scale residencies full of charm.

In 2011, Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo, Japan) coined the term “mircoresidence” to refer to micro-scale residencies whose infinite flexibility can be seen on a macro level, aiming to spread the appeal of such spaces around the world.

This term originates from the words of New York-based artists Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson they wrote about their experiences at Youkobo Art Space during a three-month residency in 2005.

 A Micro-Flexible Arts Community In Tokyo (A Brief Essay of Appreciation by Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson)


For example..?

◯Microresidencies can work closely with the artists to realize their creative goals

◯AIR network can be utilized to its fullest capacity

◯The creative process is given greater importance than the results

◯Spaces that provide the opportunity to focus on creation, away from the realities of everyday life

◯Multiple visits to the same residency are possible

◯Artists accompanying families are also welcome

◯Privately owned


What is the Microresidence Network?

Originating from relationships formed from face to face dialogues on a human scale, the microresidence network aims to explore “the possibilities for microresidencies”, while bringing greater visibility to the activities of AIR as vessels of society. Collaborations through the network have already been put in motion, and there are expectations of future activities.

This site respects the intentions of AIR operators who affirm the existence of microresidencies and, while displaying respective AIR to societies and the world, it also contributes to the creation of opportunities for artists to participate in AIR. It is a platform through which AIR operators and artists can, on equal terms, consider the future meaning of AIR.


-Chronology of the network-

2005 Origin of the microresidence

2011 Initiation of research and survey of microresidencies

2012 Interim report on results of research and survey – The Great Potential of Small Art Facilities!

Proposed at the ResArtis General Meeting in Tokyo

2013 Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo) x INSTINC (Singapore) Exchange Program

Microresidence Network website launched

2014 Microresidence Network Forum held in February in Tokyo

Participants: Studio Kura/Rikuzentakata AIR/Youkobo Art Space + others (Japan)

ACOSS (Armenia), HomeBase Project (Israel/Germany/USA)

Microresidence Network Forum held in November in Cheongju, Korea

Participants: Youkobo Art Space (Tokyo), ZeroStation (Vietnam), Public AIR + others (Korea)

2015 Microresidence Network Forum held in November in Saitama, Japan

2016 Microresidence Network Forum hold in June in Yerevan, Armenia


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